1. Reset the device to factory configuration mode or manually load configuration by below command in cli 
    • a.       Request erase running-configuration
    • b.       load merge /opt/versa/etc/bootcfg/default-device-versa-specific.cfg
    • c.       commit
  2. Ensure TAC team should have the serial number of the Branch for GZTP
  3. Drag and Drop branch to deploy in Titan Dashboard Portal
  4. Change Serial number of the device to “JAB****” or give TAC the serial number generated by the device.
  5. Email of device registration will be generated upon successful deployment of template
  6. First reboot will happen if the GZTP staging is completed and wait for 5 min
  7. Reboot is completed
  8. You will see “AMQP Event sent and Successfully Sent Email” in the Tasks
  9. Do Not Click the “Claim Device” Email for Appliance Registration for branch. But instead from Titan portal press activate button.
  10. Device will reboot and be active in another 5 min
  11. Device will get active and send message “Activation Complete”


Let me know if you need to add the device or reset CA in GZTP server , we can skip step 2 above.